Christmas garlands for your home – do they come with lights

Thinking of buying a Christmas Garland for your home?

Christmas garlands are a great way to decorate your home. Whether your looking for one to wrap around your staircase or your looking for a garland to hang around your mantle piece, we’re here to help with our top picks for Christmas garlands. From plain garlands ready for decorating or even traditional pre-decorated garlands ready to be hung up, we’ve got plenty of options for you to look through.

Best Christmas Garlands – what ones should I buy?

Christmas garlands are versatile decorations that can add a bit of Christmas spirit in a range of places around your home. Here’s our top picks for Christmas garlands, including both modern and traditional decorations.

1. Pink Blume Wool and Felt Christmas Garland

Wood and Felt Christmas Garland

If you’re looking for a festive Christmas garland but aren’t a fan of the tradition Christmas tree like garlands, this might be the perfect option for you. With wood and felt festive decorations, this garland will look great on your fireplace, your stairs or just hanging in your home. This 8ft garland will even look great doubled up on itself just like in the picture above, ideal if your limited for space.

Plus your little ones will love looking at the felt Santa Clauses and snowmen.

2. Clever Creations Christmas Tree Style White Garland

Christmas Tree Style White Garland

If you own too many Christmas baubles, an undecorated garland is a great place to hang all the baubles that didn’t find a place on your tree. This white garland is a great option if your a fan of more modern Christmas decorations including white Christmas trees.

This 9ft garland will be ideal for twisting down your staircase or draped over your mantle piece and due to it’s length, won’t look out of place.

3. Dibor Store Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland

With a mix of wood, pinecones and red berries makes this garland a great addition to any home. This garland will look great whether you love traditional Christmas decorations or if you prefer more modern decorations.

This 5ft garland is ideal to hang above your fireplace or around your house. As this garland follows more of a wintry theme rather than a traditional festive theme, you’ll be able to keep this garland out on display for longer over the Winter season.

Best Christmas Garlands with Lights

Just like with decorating Christmas trees, Christmas lights are a great way to make a room feel more cosy and festive. They can also get tangled up very easily. That’s what makes these garlands that come with lights already attached so great. Here’s some of our top picks for Christmas garlands with lights.

1. WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Decorated Christmas Garland

Gold Pre-Lit Christmas Garland


This traditional 9ft cream and gold garland is ready to be hung above your fireplace or down the stairs in your home. Already decorated with a range of artificial plants, pinecones, and lights this garland doesn’t need any additional decorating.

This garland plugs straight into a mains plug and comes with a 3m cable ready to be plugged in. Looking for a bit of extra Christmas magic? This garland has been finished off with glitter to sparkle when the warm LED lights are turned on.

2. BCamelys Decorated Christmas Garland with LED Lights

Christmas Garland with Lights

If your looking for a garland that requires little effort, this silver garland might be for you. This garland comes pre-decorated with a number of silver baubles, flowers and LED lights making it ready to hang up in your home as is.

This garland is battery operated so no need to worry about having a mains plug nearby.

3. GloBrite Christmas Pine Cone Garland with LEDs

Christmas Pine Cone Garland with LEDs

If your looking for a more minimalistic garland, this 6.5 ft garland is ideal. Especially if you don’t have a great amount of space on your fireplace or staircase. This garland with LED lights, red berries and pinecones will look great with your current Christmas decorations.

Don’t have a mains plug socket where you want to hang this garland? No need to worry! This garland is battery powered meaning you an hang this anywhere in your home and it’ll still light up.

Best Christmas Garlands for Fireplaces

Anyone that has seen a Christmas movie will have seen the classic garland hung over the glowing fireplace. With so many choices, finding the right one for your mantle piece can be a little tricky. We’ve compiled our top picks for the best Christmas garlands for fireplaces

1. New_Soul Christmas Garland for Fireplaces

Decorated Christmas Garland for Fireplaces

This 6ft pre-decorated garland is perfect to hang around your fireplace. With pre-placed decorations but plenty of space to add your own decorations, you can add as little or as much as you’d like to this garland.

This garland comes pre-decorated with a range of traditional Christmas decorations including bows, pinecones and berries without being too cluttered.

2. YQing Artificial Christmas Garland with Red Berry

Artificial Christmas Garland with Red Berry

Red berries take centre stage on this garland. This is an ideal choice if your not the biggest fan of artificial Christmas tree like garland. Also available in a range of other red berry designs including the option to order a garland with pine cones and fake snow.

At 6ft long, this garland is ideal to hang across the top of your mantle piece as in the image above.

3. Premier Plain Green Christmas Garland

Plain Green Christmas Garland

If you love decorating your Christmas tree, you’ll love decorating this plain garland. This 9ft plain garland is perfect to fit around any fireplace.

Without any decorations, you have free reign to make this garland your own so be sure to add all your favourite baubles and ornaments to create a special centrepiece.

Best Christmas Garlands for Stairs

If you have a narrow hallway, a garland on your staircase rail can be a great way to decorate an already small space ready for Christmas. Whether you like to wrap your garland around your staircase rail or just run it along the rail, here are our top picks for the best Christmas garlands for stairs.

1. New_Soul Christmas Garland for Stairs

Christmas Garland for Stairs

This 9ft garland is a great choice to use to decorate your staircase. As this garland is 9ft long, you can be sure you’ll have plenty to decorate your stairs however you prefer. As this is pre-decorated you won’t need to worry about decorations falling off as family members pass by.

The 8ft of white Christmas lights are battery operated so no need to worry about having a mains plug nearby. Not a big fan of red? Be sure to click the link below to check out gold version of this garland.

2. HomeZone LED Decorated Christmas Garland

LED Decorated Christmas Garland

Looking for a traditional, red garland for your stairs? This 9ft LED decorated garland might be ideal for you. You won’t have to worry about the decorations falling off so you won’t need to worry about hanging this on your staircase.

If you’re not a big fan of the red, this garland is also available in gold. This garland has the option of running off mains power and battery power depending on where you plan yo hang the garland.

3. HomeZone Silver Decorated Christmas Garland

Silver Decorated Christmas Garland

If you love the look of silver Christmas decorations, this 6ft pre-decorated silver garland is a great choice. This garland comes already decorated with bows, baubles, artificial branches and glitter to bring some Christmas magic to your staircase. The Christmas lights in this garland are battery operated so can be hung anywhere in your home.

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