Best Christmas Wrapping Paper – Get luxury or go for paper roll?

It’s that special time of the year again, time to start the Christmas preparations before the season sneaks up on us all. A great way to start preparations is to start thinking about the way you plan to wrap your Christmas gifts for your family and friends. To make your job just a little easier during this stressful time, we’ve put together a helpful list of the best wrapping paper’s on the market for Christmas right now!

Best Recyclable Christmas Wrapping Paper

We’ve all heard the shocking facts surrounding global warming and what we can do to make a real difference. So, when it comes to purchasing your Christmas wrapping paper, it could be helpful to use a recyclable wrapping paper. Many people these days opt for a plain brown paper wrapping, which you can purchase here if that’s the style you’re going for. However, if you want to be sustainable to our environment but still keep with the festivity of traditional wrapping papers. Then these list may be of interest to you, with its fun festive designs.

1. Christmas Wrapping Paper Rudolph The Reindeer Design (6) Sheets – 100% Recyclable Paper by The Doodle Factory

At the top of the list for the best recyclable Christmas wrapping paper we have this minimalist Rudolph design. This design is perfect for everyone and could be used for all genders and ages. The mainly white colouring of the paper means that it could go well with any kind of Christmas decorations as it’s such a neutral colour. This also means that you could add more colour to your presents when you add your ribbon and tags. Which means your gifts could be more personalised for each person, but with this great quality wrapping paper as the base layer.

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £12.99.

2. 11 Sheets Christmas Wrapping Paper 70x50CM Vintage Gift Wrapping Paper Recyclable for Christmas

This second option is verging on a slightly more traditional colour scheme. Which is great for a traditionalist who would also love to do their part to help the environment. Another great thing about this wrapping paper bundle is that you get different wrapping paper designs which means you could mix and match the paper for one person, or you could even assign a design to each person you’ll be gifting to.

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £7.99.

3. 20 Sheets Gift Wrapping Paper, Santa Wrapping Paper, Christmas Kraft Wrapping Paper,Xmas Wrapping Paper – Santa, Angel, Christmas Elk, Snowflake (70 x 50 cm)

Another great option is these four rolls of Christmas paper. They offer a more natural finish and give that rustic feel that loads of people love. They are also a great option for staying environmentally friendly at Christmas while wrapping for kids. The angel and Santa rolls are especially great for this as they still have a fun pattern on them, even though you can actually recycle them.

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £17.99.

Best Luxury Christmas Wrapping Paper

If you want your gifts to have that luxurious feel for your recipients, then these wrapping papers could be perfect for you. The luxury aesthetic of these wrapping papers does tend to mean that they tend to cost more than normal wrapping paper. So, if this is something you can’t afford then we recommend going for one of our more traditional wrapping papers. However, if your gift wrapping needs a little luxury then our top list of paper will point you in the right direction.

1. Bright Stem Christmas Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap Folded (6) Sheets and Tags Mixed Pack

Sitting firmly at the top of our luxury wrapping paper list is this very unique Christmas wrapping paper from Bright Stem. This bundle or paper also included cohesive tags to make gift giving even easier. This is a great set if you like a bit of variety when it comes to wrapping. Often the classic Christmas wrapping paper can get repetitive, so make sure your gifts stand out from the crowd with these bold and unique designs.

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £11.90.

2. Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper 10 Pack, 70x50CM Large Sheets, 9 Designs (Bonus 16ft Jute String and 12 Tags)

This colourful bundle of wrapping paper, jute string and tags is not only great value for money. It is also such a great option if you like to play around with wrapping paper patterns. It can also be hard to personalise the wrapping paper to each person you’ll be gifting it too, but with all these designs to chose from picking paper has never been so easy!

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £8.99.

3. walolo Christmas Wrapping Paper – 12 Large Sheets 100x43CM in Roll Packing- 6 Designs

For a sleeker wrapping finish, you could invest in this navy blue wrapping paper. The designs are subtle yet luxurious and could be matched with silver or gold ribbon to take this wrapping to the next level. So if you like a more simple style that doesn’t use traditional Christmas colours, then this could be the perfect wrapping paper for you.

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £8.99.

Best Traditional Christmas Wrapping Paper

If you are a red and green fan through and through, and believe these colours are the only way to celebrate Christmas properly then our list of traditional wrapping paper is the perfect place for you. All the papers in this list use a red, green and gold colour scheme to capture the true essence of Christmas. So, if you’re a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas you’ll absolutely love our top picks which should make your job much easier.

1. 4 x 5M Rolls Of Christmas Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper Traditional Tartan Reindeer

Our top pick for traditional Christmas paper is this pack of four designs, which is great value for money.  This pack features everyone’s festive favourite tartan! It also uses the classic Christmas colours of red and green, which is always a staple for the festive season.

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £9.99.

2. KEPLIN Gift Wrapping Paper – Large Sheets, 9 Designs, Perfect for Christmas

If you’re someone who likes tradition but a bit of variety, then this pack of Christmas paper with 9 different designs included in it could be perfect. The design feature typical Christmas designs, while also using some more muted tones . The traditional Christmas red is definitely still included, but the designs have a more vintage Christmas kind of feel.

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £9.99.

3. 4 x 8M Rolls of Christmas Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper Traditional Tartan

This pack of paper is fairly minimalistic and doesn’t vary much in design. This is desirable for many wrappers though as they like to keep things easy and simple with their paper. This pack is therefore good for a traditionalist with the colour scheme but a minimalist for the pattern of the paper.

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £13.99.

Best Christmas Gift Wrap

Gift wrap is the most convenient way to buy wrapping paper if you have special presents to wrap or not too many to wrap. The fact that the paper is pre-cut makes wrapping much quicker and easier for those who find wrapping chore. They can also be more cost effective and environmentally friendly for those of us that don’t necessarily need a whole roll of paper to wrap our Christmas presents in. If convenience is a big yes for you then you may want to invest in some of our top rated Christmas gift wrap.

1. Christmas Wrapping Paper Multipack (6) x Sheets 100% Recyclable Paper by The Doodle Factory

This gift wrap comes in top place for its unique design and modern colours. The wrapping paper itself is very different and uses some less classic Christmas symbols for the designs. Additionally, you can buy this multipack of papers and use each design for a different person as there’s a lot of variation in the designs. Las but not least, this paper is also great because it’s 100% recyclable, so you can be helping the environment while gifting presents.

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £12.99.

2. Audsemporium Ltd – 10 Sheets of Recyclable Modern – Contemporary Christmas Wrapping Paper – Snowflake – Christmas Tree – Stars – Baubles – Reindeer & 5 Gift Tags (2 Sheets of 5 Designs)

The designs for this gift wrap are classic wrapping paper designs, but why mess with perfection! The colours are nice and bright too, but you still have a choice between whether you want wrap people’s presents in a more subtle design or a very tradition festive design. You could even mix and match, as these five designs are very complimentary of one another.

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £7.49.

3. Festive Wonderland 8 Large Sheets of Christmas Wrapping Paper – Assorted Designs – 70x50cm

Lastly on our gift wrap list, we have this super cute paper. This gift wrap features 8 designs for only £2.00, so it’s our cheapest paper on the lists. So if you’re looking for cute Christmas paper at a fraction of the cost then look no further than this amazing deal!

To purchase this paper you can click the Amazon link here, it will cost £2.00.

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