Decorating Your Home Early for Christmas? You Should If You Want to Be Happy

Christmas Decorations could lead to a happier liestyle

The debate is endless. When is the best time to put up Christmas decorations? When should you start wearing a Christmas jumper? Enthusiasts claim that baubles and fake snowflakes should start embellishing your home as soon as the pumpkin’s gone. The other part of the population claims carols and decorations shouldn’t be heard or seen until a few days before Christmas.

What do experts say, though? According to psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, those who decorate early live overall happier lives.

The Psychology Behind Early Christmas Decor

While experts claim there could be various reasons why someone would want to put up decorations early, for most people is simply nostalgia. This portion of the population keeps a closer connection to their inner child, and Christmas decorations simply bring them joy.

Evoking images of their childhood, these people manage to ward off some of the daily stress and anxiety; thus, they are more relaxed and happy.

McKeown isn’t the only one claiming that those who put up decorations early are positive people.

In a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, experts also claim that people who choose to decorate their outdoors early communicate openness and accessibility to neighbours. Indeed, a decorated yard or porch looks friendly and cohesive, inviting people inside.

Sometimes, individuals may also choose to put the lights up early to cope with bittersweet feelings – such as remembering the times when a loved one was still alive. This is why, even if you’re into the opposite league, you should still avoid judging those who decide to get the lights up early.

christmas decorations and pet

Should You Put the Lights Up Early?

At the end of the day, it’s completely down to you. If you don’t mind opening up to your family and neighbours, you can let the lights go up right after Halloween. You don’t have to start with the outdoors if you fear judgment.

Setting up the fireplace, creating a cosy corner in your living room, or even setting up the Christmas tree if you opted for an artificial one are great starting points.

As Christmas approaches, you can move along and create a beautiful window décor while starting wearing your Christmas jumper.

From first December onward, it is universally accepted to have your yard embellished by lights and ornaments.

Or, if you feel you can ignore the Scrooges of our society and live life the way you want, you can skip Halloween decorations altogether and start creating your own Winter Wonderland both inside and outside of your home.

Christmas decorations around the fire

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