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Expires 27/12/2022

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Expires 27/12/2022

Sky has long been the biggest name in television, but the rise of Netflix and Lovefilm have meant people have changed how they traditionally enjoy entertainment and therefore the company has had to adapt to this.

Cue Sky TV, a new feature from Sky that offers customers ‘entertainment the way you love it’.

Sky TV provides a greater service than that of Netflix and Lovefilm, allowing customers access to a huge choice of over 35 entertainment channels, films and sports.

It allows you to find and watch the shows you want in a variety of different methods, whether you choose to watch them live and use the pause and rewind feature, remote record them whilst you are out of the house or even watch them on the move with Sky Go.

What distinguishes Sky TV from other streaming services is the top-notch audio and vision quality it provides. It is widely considered to be one of the best services when it comes to television and film streaming. So if you have an ear for quality sound and like your images to be crisp and clear then this is definitely going to be a strong selling point for you.

With a bunch of additional features you can add to your bundle depending on what you like to view, Sky can’t be beaten for sheer size and quality of content.

Customers will find a host of discounts and bundles to entice you into signing up to the service, some of these exclusive to the Internet and there are frequent opportunities to get 50% off of the original bundle price for half of the standard 12 month contract.


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Spencer James

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