The Range Christmas Deals on Lights, Trees & Decorations

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If you’re British, then chances are that you’ve most likely been to The Range. The Range offers so many different products, so is a bit of a go to place for almost everything.

Christmas isn’t an exception to this. At The Range you could buy anything Christmassy that you may need.

Does the Range do Christmas Trees?

The best part of The Range around Christmas time though is that in store they have aisles which they’ve made super festive. You can usually find these aisles off to one side and lit up by all the pretty Christmas lights. They have a number of Christmas trees available to order in store or through delivery online through their website.

This is also super handy though for if you find it helpful to see a display before making a purchase, as you can see the product in action.

Does The Range do Christmas Lights?

The good news is that yes the Range does have a large display of Christmas lights to browse. There are many different styles of lights you may want to take up, these can be luxury lights to put around the house or just the simple effect lights for your Christmas tree.

The Range FAQs and Help

Does The Range have a sale?

The Range does have some sales. These sales are usually held as seasonal sales so happen around British holidays. Therefore there should be a sale for each season, as they will be making room for the next season’s stock.

So, if you’re looking for a great bargain then shopping around the same time as the seasonal sales could end up saving you lots of money in the long run.

What does The Range sell at Christmas?

The Range has a big selection of Christmas products. They sell Christmas trees, decorations and much more. If you’re looking for anything Christmas themed then chances are that you will find it in The Range. This therefore makes it a great place to shop for your Christmas supplies if you hate the thought of buying your decorations in multiple shops. You can save the hassle by just sticking to shopping in The Range for it all.

What date do Christmas decorations have to come down?

There’s no official rule regarding when your decorations have to be taken down. However there is a general guide that you can follow.
People believe that taking decorations down after the 5th of January is bad luck. This is considered as the Twelfth Night in the festive period and the actual twelfth day is meant to signify the actual end to the whole festive period.

However, taking down your decorations is definitely a personal preference. Many people like to get them down before New Years eve, so they can start the year fresh. It is totally your own call!

Hannah Bater
Hannah Bater

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